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****WARNING**** parents of my students- please read this entry before sharing it with your children. It contains sensitive material.

Mama Mia!!! I have exceeded my quota of pictures to post on this site.

The last two days in Recife were spent leisurely with Milton and Ana. We did go to the canals to take photos. There is a small historic area where the Legislature stands. Truly there are some buildings that are beautiful.

Some have claimed that Recife is the Venice of South America; and while there certainly are canals, it is not as romantic as one might think. First of all, the stench was nearly unbearable at times. It is Autumn here and the temperature was 35 degree Celsius! We walked past masses of people waiting for busses and many homeless who were drying clothes on the grass. One man dropped his trousers and urinated right in front of me on the lamp post!!!

Needless to say it wasn't my favourite field trip. Like any massive city, there will be the unfortunate. My heart broke for the many men who make a living transporting huge carts of goods, long distances as though they were a pack-mule!!

This morning we woke very early to depart Recife and fly to the oldest city in Brazil: Salvador. Milton and Ana flew with us and carried on to Brasilia. We didn't say good-bye; only farewell as we are hoping the family will come to Canada for a white Christmas. Though I hear it is still white in many parts of the country:(

Salvador is the port city where slavery began in the Americas. What's more sickening is that never before in the history of mankind have there been more slaves than currently in the 21 Century!! (US Department of Justice) These are the women and children who are sold/tricked/stolen into the sex trade. My heart has been reflective these last days...

We are staying at a gorgeous Casa Michael found on the Internet. I am truly sorry I can't post more pictures!! Please Google Casa da Vitoria in Salvador. Our hostess Augusta greeted us with hugs and a gourmet brunch- the kind of food you take pictures of before eating!!

As I write this, I can see seven ocean liners in the Atlantic.

We plan to walk to the lighthouse in a little bit and eat dinner- that's about the biggest decision we've made today:)

Blessings of health and safety for you all!!


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