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Today turned out to be one of those awesome days here in the Hill Country.

Beautiful weather made for a fun trip to Alamo Springs Café for one of their great hamburgers and an order of onion rings.

Mike drove and he & Sandy picked us up about 10:16 for the drive through the country to this “Out in the Boonies” place to eat.

We enjoyed the leisurely drive along a two lane blacktop road, over the hills and through the low places with signs alongside the road to show the depth of the water during the floods. Several of the signs showed the ability to measure up to six feet or more of water, so a flash flood would be nothing to trifle with.

The four of us really enjoyed our meal.

Mike & Sandy were amazed that such a place could be so far off the beaten track and yet have such great food, with a hamburger good enough to be on the cover of “Texas Monthly” magazine.

We were stuffed after consuming the burger and onion rings, and barely saved room for a slice of buttermilk pie.

I was sure glad Mike was driving on the way home because I could hardly hold my eyes open.

In the afternoon, Marilyn took her Kindle outdoors, sat in a lounge chair to read, and barely managed not to fall asleep.

I was just about to doze off myself, when a motor home pulled in beside us, waking me enough to start writing this blog.

Marilyn asked me to come out and join her for a cold drink, so we sat together in the bright sunshine enjoying the 76 degree temperature and a light breeze, with very little humidity.

The sound of our cell phone ringing pulled us back inside and we chatted with our daughter for awhile.

It sure will be good to get back home to Missouri, but we want to have temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s with no chance of snow or freezing temps.

That is about it for today. This lifestyle sure is relaxing. Just the way we like it!

Life is Good!

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