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While in the planning process for this family holiday, we all got a say I. What we wanted out the trip. My contribution was relaxing at the beach!!!! Therefore, we scheduled a bus ride to a recommended beach about 90 minutes away from Recife.

The pictures really speak for my day:).

It was like being on the old TV show, "Fantasy Island" I watched as a kid. It was glorious!!! If this is just a glimpse of Paradise, I can't even imagine what the real thing looks like.

After lunch, Ana and I actually had a nap in the resting area for half an hour. Such an exquisite part of the world.

The bus trip there and back was revealing as well. We saw hills and hills of sugar cane fields. Because of the steep hills, all the harvesting is still done manually. Of course slavery was abolished, but the workers here are within a step of slavery!! There was great evidence of poverty as we drove.

Though slavery was forbidden in 1850's, still traffic continued for nearly 40 years. During this time, slave-traders cunningly disguised the former marketplace as a chicken port. "Buying a chicken" became a poor euphemism. To this day the beach is still called, "Porto de Galinhas"- Chicken Port.

To add some levity to the conversation and to zoom in on my twin's unfortunate condition of never marrying, I suggested we go to the chicken port to buy a hen:)

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