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Well, the calendar says we've been home for just over 3 weeks but when I look around at the things I still have to sort out I wonder what I've been doing in those 3 weeks, but other times it seems we've never been away. Don't know which is worse! It has been rather hard to settle back to the mundane day to day activities.

We enjoyed our relaxed couple of weeks at Moonee Beach, the highlights for me were catching up with Katherine for coffee and lots of chat and the very unexpected flying visit from dear friends Dawn and Les who were on their way back to Malua Bay after visiting their son and family in Queensland. John loves to spend time at the beach, but didn't do any fishing. Come to think of it his fishing gear didn't see the light of day the whole time we were away.

In the time we were away we travelled over 32,000 kilometres, through 6 of the 7 States, saw places and things we never imagined we'd see, met and spent time with so many wonderful people, caught up with long time friends we don't see often and spent time with family, some of whom we hadn't seen for ages and we have memories to last a life time.

We didn't travel with a set itinerary, sometimes John would sit down and plan the next couple of weeks, but within two or three days that went out the window so we just took things as they came, spending extra time in places we enjoyed and less in those with not much to offer.

People ask what our favourite place was, but that is almost impossible to answer as everywhere is different and places have their individual attractions. We thoroughly enjoyed the times we travelled with Jude and Wal and Helen and Grahame - while we are happy to travel on our own it was good to have their company.

Travelling with the dogs didn't create many problems, they spent time in kennels on a few occasions but not many and they really didn't stop us going places and seeing what we wanted to.

Most of the time we had great weather, not that much rain but unfortunately the weather/school holidays were against us when we got back to Adelaide and Melbourne. With temperatures between 40 and 45' it wasn't conducive to lots of sightseeing and accommodation was hard to find during the school holidays and we were really sorry not to be able to catch up with friends in Adelaide, Melbourne and Korumburra but hopefully there will be a "next time".

We are thankful that we had no problems with the car and only a couple of minor problems with the van which were relatively easy to remedy. You sometimes hear some horror stories so we consider ourselves very lucky. I can imagine the van heaved a sigh of relief when we emptied it and as we've sorted through things we've found bits and pieces we forgot we had!

On relaxed days we read lots and lots of books, I knitted over 50 squares for a rug, finished a large blackwork sampler and almost finished a handstitched quilt the fabric for which I'd collected on our travels.

Now that we're home we've family to spend time with, friends to catch up with, over 3,000 photos to organise and a garden to revive after the horrendous hot weather. It was great to have had Andrea living in the house keeping an eye on things for us while we enjoyed ourselves.

2014 holds lots of things to look forward to - for me, a weekend away with longtime girlfriends then in June a trip to Holland to spend time with John's family and a visit to Yorkshire to catch up with Caroline and Robert and then for both of us a sea cruise to Fiji for two weeks with Tess and John.

I've enjoyed writing this journal, even if sometimes I had to wrack my brain to remember what we'd been doing - I also keep a more detailed diary so as long as it was up to date I could refer to it. I know I ramble on a bit (and I apologise for that) but I hope you have all enjoyed our travels as much as we did.

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