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It would be nice if I could tell you what awesome weather we were experiencing, but that is not the case.

We never did get the rain which was forecast but it remained cool and windy all day. I don’t believe the temperature ever reached 60 degrees.

Marilyn & I did sleep in this morning and it was after daylight when we rolled out of bed.

We didn’t fix coffee though, because we drove to a Mexican Restaurant for breakfast and took Mike & Sandy with us.

We enjoyed the meal and the camaraderie, then drove back to the resort with an agreement to meet again at 1:00 to play dominoes.

After some time at home to take care of a few chores, we met in the Rec Room at 1:00.

We had snacks and something cold to drink, as we started playing and teaching the new game to Mike & Sandy.

They won the first six rounds and things were looking dim for the “teachers”, but Marilyn & I fought back and finished ok by the end of the game.

Mike began working with the very nice keyboard, and spent some time making beautiful music. He sure is a talented man and we enjoyed his music as if we were at a concert.

It was about 4:30 when we walked back to the RV.

We ate a bite of dinner and then settled down to watch some “Survivor” followed by “Duck Dynasty”.

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid eighties and we do have some plans.

At least the warm weather makes us feel like it is getting close to the time for us to head back to Missouri.

So that is all I have to write about today.

Tomorrow is a new day and Life is Good!

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