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Every week Milton and Celia go to the Market to purchase their produce, cheese, flowers and nits for the upcoming week; and it was an experience to tag along. We even had our breakfast there. Tapioca dough is shredded with salt added, then the heat causes the mixture to adhere. I choose a filling do chicken and cheese. We all had juice made from the fruit of the cashew tree. The nut is suspended from the fruit at the bottom.

We saw several diplomatic license plates there as well.

After we unpacked the groceries, we made a quick stop to buy vacuum-packaged Brazilian coffee to being home to Canada.

My dad wanted to go to the highest viewing observatory of the TV tower to get wide pictures of the city; but it was closed unfortunately. To my delight, there was another outdoor market with many vendors selling their wares. We decided to all walk round for a few minutes thinking we would neat the rain. We didn't!!

It was like a flash flood. It was clear the rain wasn't going to stop anytime soon. We began to strategize when to make our run to different parts of the market when the rain lessened somewhat though it was still raining hard. Ana's friend was communicating with her and made this remark," the movie Noah is coming out next week; but if you want a preview, just look out the window!"

When we finally got out of the market, we became a little worried about roads being impassable to get home. Celia showed some fancy maneuvering;and we cheered for her when we went onto the curb, and around the support structure of the bridge, where the lowest parts were overwhelmed with water, to get onto the ramp.

Home safe and sound, the rest of the evening was quiet. Milton brought out his old yearbook from high school and we reminisced and laughed at how ridiculous we dressed.

It was a lovely, relaxed evening.

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