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New Friend

Dinner was reserved for 8:00 pm. The restaurant itself was elegant and there were many family members we were introduced to as well as friends of Milton's family.

We all felt so very welcomed that the language was hardly a barrier. Body language confirmed that we indeed were part of the family.

Of course the dinner itself was delicious. But the warmth of the evening made the event so special. I'm definitely growing to love the kisses on each check at each greeting and good-bye. The Brazilians are affectionate with one other in a delightfully tender way.

I was seated beside Milton's sister-in-law whose daughter has expressed a desire to come to Canada. Her mom, Angelica and I spoke about the possibility of Amanda coming to Salmon Arm for a good majority of her Summer vacation next year. We collectively reflect on the amazing inter-generational journey this has become; and welcome the future branches that have yet to develop.

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