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The graduation ceremonies were held in an outdoor pavilion. There were approximately 90 graduates from two different faculties; although I don't know the other. It is customary to call the names of the graduates in alphabetical order by first name as children takes both last names of mother and father creating rather long names.

Without being irreverent, the ceremony was more similar to a rock concert. The height of excitement from the crowd was tangible. Loved ones brought large bouquets of balloons and launched confetti poppers all throughout the ceremony. As for us, we literally popped our balloons as soon as Milton's name was called!! It was tradition, we were enlightened:)

What a privilege to participate with Milton's lovely family, including his Mom, as he crossed the stage after many long years of study. Of course he was one of the oldest grads; but interestingly not the oldest. I noticed an older man, with much grey hair, receiving his honour as well.

Milton was beaming; we all shared a collective pride of his accomplishment. It was truly a remarkable evening and the reason we all came to South America!

We had a very private celebration at home following as both Ana and Celia had to work this morning. But fear not- the grande festa (large party) will be tonight with many, many relatives. Evidently our reservation is secure!

For the rest of the day, we are going to a large park and plan to see more famous building and monuments.

Brasilia is a very new city inaugurated only in 1960. There was a contest for its design and the winner's idea was to pattern it after the shape of an airplane. Milton's house is on the left wing which faces north. The main expressway is the body of the plane.

World-famous Brazilian Oscar Niemeyer (not to be confused with hot dog mogul Oscar Meyer) designed many of the city's focal buildings.

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