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Kezza got the camel as payment (sorry Rob it was a bargin)

Pretty lights of Las Vegas

My wedding dress for my wedding to my Arab

OK, we have made it through Chicago without serious injury, we went to the top of the Sears Tower on our last day there and the views were impressive. You could see right accross Lake Michigan and all of dowmtown Chicago. Kerry-Ann managed to stand next to the glass and look out, no mean feat for someone scared of heights!!

We stopped off in China Town and had great food (you will notice there will be lots of references to food on this trip as our days are planned around eating (well Shaylyn's eating mainly).

After a very early start we arrived in Las Vegas and were greeted by a wall of heat, 106 degrees, Shaylyn finally took her coat off!

We followed the instructions from the hostel to get a shuttle from the airport and some very nice people told us that the shuttles didn't stop at the hostels anymore, but we could get a bargin stretch sedan for $32, cheaper than a taxi apparently.

After much consideration and a phone call to the hostel, we went out a different door of the airport and low and behold, a shuttle that did stop at the hostel and only $11 return. It was like playschool, shall we go through the square window or the round window, get ripped off, or not ripped off? Funny enough we decided the latter.

we arrived at the hostel and we found that there were normal people staying who didn't have wierd stories or act strangely, quite a change from Chicago.

After crashing out for a couple of hours (having eaten again of course) we went out to a club called Studi 54 which is in the MGM Grand. We got a party bus with 13 other hostellers and spent an hour driving up and down the strip and drinking. The bus had neon lights inside, blcacked out windows and leopard skin print upholstery and a loud stereo, it was fab. The only downside, no toilet and drinking beer for an hour, use you imagination the pain was real!

The club was fab, women free, (very good point about Vegas, women go into everywhere free and drink free alot of the time) they had trapeze artists on bungee trapezes which were really cool and male podium dancers, good eye candy!

The drinks were expensive but so strong that we only has two each. We bailed out at around 3am, the others carried on, but we had been up for around 20 hours by that point and needed to sleep!

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