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Stayed the night at their free camping by the lake.

Aug. 17 - Teslin - Mukluk Annie's

The mileage was right to stay in Teslin on our way back from Skagway. Very foggy coming over the pass from Skagway. It cleared up after the pass. High overcast skies most of the way. Stopped just below Carcross, there is a huge lake system that the natives used for transportation and subsequently the Klondike gold miners. Bove Island is a landmark on this waterway. The shortcut road from Carcross to Jake's corner was supposed to be gravel, but it was a great chipseal, so the ride was smooth.

Mukluk Annie's actually has a very nice campground setup. We took a spot close to the lake, so the kids could play in the water. Too cold to swim. Sun started shining thru. This is a large lake, probably 4 miles across and 50 miles long. As we sat on the beach it was very strange to see no signs of man. No cottages or building, no boats, just landscape. I don't think we've ever 'gone to the beach' in the wilderness. Was an interesting feeling.

There was a great sand dune near the campspot, so the kids had fun getting all sandy and they met a new friend.

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