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Cape Peron



The lookout looks over the whole of Cape Peron and the vistas are magnificent. The beach is lovely and the sand is quite yellow. As you go into the water over a few flat rocks the sand drops away and you have this lovely swimming area. Walking the length of the beach I saw a lady swimming along the water as if it was a lap pool. I decided to do it too so you get in at the far end of the beach. It is quite easy and drops away to quite deep straight away but once you're in you realise you have to swim the whole length as you don't know what's near the shore, is it rocks or seaweed? so you keep going. I encountered two lots of seaweed which I had to swim through. That's not a great experience. I was breathing hard and keeping the swimming going and eventually made it to the other end of the beach where it was quite easy to get out. That's a serious swim.

We left there and went to visit some more friends near Rockingham, Phil and Lisa. We had a great time with them and their girls. We all went out for dinner to a Thai restaurant nearby. It's great catching up with friends, especially when you haven't seen them for years. Their kids are lovely and we had a great time with them.

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