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Entrance to Painted Canyon

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One With Nature

Free as a Bird

A Sea of Clouds

Walls of the Canyon


"The Ladders"

The One and Only Ladder I Climbed

Here's Judy

Up the Ladder

Life in the canyon

Palo Verde in Bloom


I'm Waving to You !!!

Your's Truely



Our trip yesterday had been in the planning stages for a week or more and it looked like it was going to be postponed to another day because of the cloud cover in the morning.

As the morning progressed the cloud cover separated to let some blue sky show through and we decided that it was time to leave. It didn't take long for Judy to get her hiking poles and her boots ready and pack up a few snacks and drinks and we were on our way.


It was only a few miles from the tiny town of Mecca, about a 15 minute drive from here but we still had a later start than we had hoped for. We were starting later and we knew we would be finishing in the heat of the day. We were thankful that we were hiking a canyon as most of it had shade either on one side or the other. We tried to hike on the gravel areas instead of the soft sand which makes for hard walking. You don't really realize that you are climbing in elevation the entire hike until it time to head back out and you can see that it's all down hill on the way out.


It's a box canyon and we went as far as we could safely go. At the end there are a series of ladders that take you up the canyon wall that would eventually take you to the top. It's a loop trail and many people hike in the opposite direction and come down the ladders and into the canyon but we just hiked up the canyon and it was enough hiking for me and I think Judy was hiked out too.


Enjoy the photos, it was hard deciding which ones to attach to todays entry as I took over 100 and Judy took over 50 with her camera. Needless to say we had a great time.


Happy Days,

Bob, Judy and Our4dogs

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