Nice rooftop

Cool building

A small Venetian "street"!

Peaceful canal

Lazy afternoon

Small plaza with a leaning tower

Famous tower - don't remember the name, but they were having a...

The Grand Canal, or "Main Street"

Old and new transportation

Bridge over a canal

Basilica Di San Giorgio Maggiore

Hundreds of pigeons!!

Piazza San Marco

Basilica Di San Marco

I thought this pink-tinted canal was kinda cool

Narrow winding "normal" street

Me at one of the main canals

Old Venetian houses

Another major canal

Nice house and bridge

Another huge church

Famous Venetian bridge

We packed up our tent in the morning and left the car parked at the campground. We rode the free shuttle bus down into Venice where we spent the whole day walking around. Venice didn't quite live up to my expectations. It was cool, especially because it is so unique, but it is a place I don't really feel like I want to see again. Eva thought that the "Venice" that she saw when she was in Las Vegas was better. I was also surprised how relatively small it was. You could walk around the whole city in a few hours. Anyway, we just wandered around, getting lost in the narrow, winding streets. Actually they aren't streets. Since the canals are the "streets", the walkways are only sidewalks, and it is almost impossible to follow a map. We had a slice of pizza for lunch, and went to the Piazza San Marco, the main sight in Venice and the only one worth seeing besides the canals and twisting walkways. This is a huge expanse in front of the Basilica San Marco, a cathedral covered in colorful mosaic tiles. I've never seen so many pigeons in my life! They covered the entire square and would fly up as you walked through them. People would hold bird food in their hands and a bunch of birds would come and sit on them, trying to eat. We also went and saw the famous bridges that span the Grand Canal, and we wanted to ride in a gondola, but they are perhaps the biggest rip-off in all of Europe. It was 40 Euros per person!!! We thought about riding in a much cheaper water taxi, but they were packed full of people who all had the same idea.

That evening we took the bus back to the campground and headed south along the coast. We were pretty tired from walking around in the hot sun all day, so we found an abandoned parking lot a few hours down the road and spent the night in the car.

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