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We slept with the fan running in the bedroom and I suspect the sound of the “white noise” helped us sleep through the beginning of the strong wind which signaled a cold front passing through last night.

The clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine which greeted us this morning was a bit deceiving. The strong, cold wind reminded us that winter isn’t completely gone from this area.

After coffee and a bite of breakfast, I took the one empty propane bottle and had it filled for a cost of $27.75.

Back at the RV I installed the filled propane bottle and turned it on.

The two 40# propane bottles are stored on a sliding tray, one behind the other. This means that the front bottle, the one nearest a person working there, is the easiest to change out.

I try to keep the back bottle as a reserve and all works well.

I also checked the mail and received the new protective case for my new phone. The screen protectors should be here later today or maybe tomorrow.

Marilyn & I are both doing fine learning to use the new smart phones.

Jan stopped by to see if we needed anything from town, then later, Ginger sent a text message to ask the same thing.

We sat together with the computers on our laps most of the afternoon.

This was no day to be outdoors so we simply relaxed with our computers and Kindle devices.

That isn’t the sort of adventure I like to write about, but it is a slice of real life.

So tomorrow may bring the return of fun with friends, along with pictures.

That is for tomorrow, though, so for today I’ll just say good evening and ask you to remember that Life is Good!

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