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How do I even start to describe this amazing whirlwind of a week? Definitely going to have to break it up. Starting with: Carnaval. Might even have to break that up too! We can skip Thursday night because, even though I looked great and was totally rocking a middle part, it turned out to be a dud of a night. Not that it wasn't fun, just nothing special. Actually now that I think about it (this was almost 2 weeks ago) I think that's the night a got a burrito at the punta that made me feel sick so I went home early (like 2... Hah). Moving on to Friday- BEAUTIFUL day in Cádiz. Had some friends visiting so I got to show off my great little city by walking on the beach and out to the remains of the castle. Also on Friday everyone started to arrive in cadiz for the weekend. Saturday was costume day. My costume: floral tights, green tutu, green, wings, green wig, and gold sparkles wand. The Green Fairy. If you get it, then yes!- I did have some absinthe - unless you are a parent or grandparent, in which case I don't know what the Green Fairy is and no I have never had absinthe. Oh wait, I'm 21 now.

I hope I'm as funny as I think I am.

So Saturday was crazy. There were thousands of people in Cadiz. Costumes everywhere. Also it is the only time of the year when it is legal to botellon, which means drink in public. The spaniards fully take advantage of this. Though Carnaval lasts all week, Saturday is the biggest night, and Sunday the biggest day. They have a big stage set up in Plaza San Antonio, with funny choruses and chirigotas, and one night even the Spanish Justin Bieber, whose name is Manuel something or other. They had the ilegales walking through the streets in their elaborate costumes, singing. Guys selling weird sea food on the streets, and chorizo - mmmm my favorite. They also set up a huge tent for a special dance club. At one end there was a DJ and at the other live singers and dancers. It was so much fun. I think I went home around 6 after hanging out in the calles and dancing in the tent, and there were still an unbelievable number of people outside. The next day I just walked around listening to all the singing and enjoying all the people and the costumes. I can't even describe how many people there were t celebrating. 24 hrs a day. I almost wish I had stayed all week, but I'm glad that I got to go on my trip! 6 cities in 7 days. We left that night on a 9:30 pm bus to Madrid. Blog to come!

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