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We rolled through New Mexico on I-10

Babe's Chicken

Unique decor

And across the street . . .

The Flying Fish in Ft Worth - a local favorite

Decor as you might expect!

Good grub

The famous Stockyards of Ft Worth

Lots to see here

The Cowboy Museum/Hall of Fame

Many cowboys and those associated with the cowboy way of life are...

It was a long drive!

Fantastic collection of carriages, buggies, buckboards, etc.


Justin boots have been around for a long time

A cattle drive for the tourists

"Giddy up lil' doggies"!

Return to Texas!

We took 3 days to travel the 900 miles to Burleson, TX, just south of Ft Worth. We had some wind but not bad. It was very good travel weather with temps between 50 and 60. On Tuesday and Wednesday we traveled about 250 miles each day. Tuesday night we stayed just west of El Paso at Western Sky’s RV Park in Vado, NM. It is OK for a night but there is no reason to stop here for a longer period. Several old, run down, permanent RVs. We had feed lots to the west and east but they weren’t a problem. On Wednesday we landed at the TraPark SKP park in Pecos. Once again, not a big draw for this one. Being a SKP park, we wanted to check it out. No comparison to Saguaro!! This area is FILLED with oilfield workers. The oil companies are replacing old pipelines in this area. If you need a job – they are paying very well! Surrounding RV parks are getting a $1,000/week. The local motels are getting $1500/week. All a bunch of scalping bandits!

On Thursday we drove 400 miles from Pecos to the Jellystone Park in Burleson. We had a new low for the year for us at 36.3 degrees this morning. From Pecos to east of Midland, it is ALL about oil. You can actually smell the oil. I was talking with our friend Dennis after our arrival about this area. He once told (I believe his uncle) that he smelled oil. His uncle replied, “I smell money”! There are thousands of oil drill rigs, pumping wells and many wells with old equipment that appear not to have pumped for some time. There are also many refineries. All that and gas and diesel are less but still quite pricey in TX. You would think that it would be much less expensive? The last 150 miles or so were a pleasant change in scenery with rolling hills, more and more greenery and trees. I would describe some of this area as chaparral. The number of trees, particularly oaks, increases dramatically as one we approaches the greater Ft Worth area.

Shortly after we landed at Jellystone, our friends Dennis and Peggy arrived. It sure was good to see them again. We met Dennis and Peggy at Paul and Kay Cross’s RV repair center in Indiana back in 2011 when we were both having work done on our Mobile Suites. We missed them when we were traveling through Texas in early 2012. As luck would have it, we saw them again when we were both back to Paul’s for more repairs in July of 2012. We went to dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant then adjourned to their lovely home in a nice old neighborhood. We enjoyed more conversation, catching up and some of Peggy’s delicious cake. This area is very nice with lots of green grass, trees, etc. It does get hot and humid in the summer of course and Dennis and Peggy usually try to escape the heat for several months.

Fri Mar 7

We drove to Dennis & Peggy’s. Dennis then drove and we went to good Ole Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Then we spent some time touring Burleson with a few stops here and there. Dennis showed us where he grew up and houses that he and Peggy owned before moving into their present one (formerly his parents’ home). We returned to the house for a visit, went to Babe’s - a favorite local establishment for excellent dinner, then returned to the house for more of Peggy’s cake. Yup – more food again!

Sat Mar 8

Ginger did laundry while I caught up on a few chores and finished my research on what to buy for a Jeep roof rack. We drove to D&P’s and headed to Ft Worth. We had lunch (I know it!!) at a neat place called the Flying Fish. The grilled grouper was very good. We then toured some of Ft Worth and went to the Stockyards area. This is a neat old section – not really in the city but an area north of town that was famous in the day and remains so today for its role in the cattle business. Cattle were driven to, bought, sold and shipped from here. It is the location of the Cowboy Hall of Fame, Billy Bob Thornton’s and a variety of other attractions. It had now turned cold. We toured the Cowboy Hall of Fame, a local shop and watched some cowboys drive some longhorns through the street. We made a stop at Camping World then returned to the house for more companionship and . . . you did get it right – more cake!? Finally, and sadly, we said our “see you laters” for now, made a WalMart food and fuel stop and headed home. If not before (somewhere else), we will likely see Dennis and Peggy back in this area in a few years.

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