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Komodo Dragons - wow!

Thursday March 20th we are visiting Komodo Island. This was due to a change of schedule because of a tropical storm approaching Bali. Hopefully we will still make it there in 2 days time after the storm.

Komodo Island is, of course, home of the famous Komodo Dragons. There are 2000 that live here and there are some on other islands but this is the one to visit. We had a guide, a forest ranger and a local man from the island village escorting us on our 90 minute hike, armed with stout sticks to fend off any dragons that decided to get to close. That didn’t happen of course. We finally came across a bunch lazing around by the water hole that had no water in it.

Since they can attack and kill a man these were a little docile and perhaps fed by the rangers before we got there. They kill their prey by biting the animal and infecting them with a bacteria from their mouth. It can take a couple of weeks for the animal to die and they follow along waiting for the demise. There are deer and buffalo here as well as wild pigs which they avoid apparently because if they kill one it’s screams bring all it’s friends and they will attack the dragon on mass. They ingest the animals whole, bones and all, like a snake ! Their poop has lots of white in it from the bones.

It’s a beautiful place but not one to wander around on your own. They had one story of a tourist who wandered off and they found his sunglasses and camera sometime later – no sign of him

Tomorrow we are in Lombok and probably won’t go too far.

We have met some really nice people on this trip, Brits and Aussies. There are also lots of people from the Netherlands visiting their previous colonies.

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