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The Whole Family is a little unbalanced - here's Madeleine

And Amanda

And Robert

and Jean-Luc

But look at the straight leg Amanda gets

What form Madeleine has

Speaking of form - here's Jean-Luc going through his advanced red belt...

Now he starts sparring with a partner

He gets a kick in

HIs partner gets a kick in

But you can tell by the smile how much fun he's having

We parked in the driveway at Amanda's house, and had just finished plugging in when she rolled in from school. This was everyone's last day before Spring Break, so all were in great spirits. We had dinner at their favorite local Tex-Mex - El Toro - where I just love their green sauce and seafood enchiladas.

On Saturday, I went to their Tae Kwon Do classes to watch them go through their forms etc. as they march toward their black belts. Robert has been a black belt for some years, but the kids just started when they moved to Baytown not quite two years ago. If all goes well, they will get their black belts next month. I'm so happy they have this family activity and are enjoying it so much. Jean-Luc is aspiring to become a junior instructor, and he has been picked to participate in a special Olympic sparring group. I'm so impressed with the discipline and structure that Tae Kwon Do teaches - it should be used in the schools as PE - what a benefit that would be!

Saturday night, we all went to the Baytown Symphony where we heard Robert play the tympani in some really wonderful selections, and we got to meet Madeleine's boyfriend Orion. He seems to be a really intelligent young man (after all, he picked Madeleine!)but of course, she's too good for him! (And would be for any young man!)

We had a great time watching movies, watching dogs- Scout and Katniss played almost non stop - and watching Madeleine and Jean-Luc. All too soon, it was time to leave, but they're all excited as the band is on its way to Disney World the next day. Jean-Luc wasn't too sure he wasn't going to like it, but I have a funny feeling that he will.

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