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I don’t understand how a person can be tired after a day of doing nothing. That was the case with us yesterday. We did very little, yet went to bed by 9:30 PM and slept for nine hours! Amazing!

This morning we drove the truck to the Ford Dealership and picked up Marilyn’s car (Casper).

The car seems to be operating normally again. Yahoo!

We left the Ford place, and simply drove across the street to a huge HEB grocery store, then made a few purchases before driving back to Buckhorn RV Resort.

Marilyn & I went for a walk so she could take a few more pictures, which I will share with you good folks.

The resort has an outdoor patio/bar/grill area and today, beginning at 4:00 PM, they were serving margaritas for $1.00 each.

In the early afternoon a group of about ten guys held a jam session down a few sites from us. They were a talented bunch and played really well. Marilyn & I walked down to watch and listen for awhile. They even had a popcorn machine offering free popcorn for everyone. That sure made the afternoon enjoyable, with 64 degree temps and no rain. They were a good “warm-up” for the margarita happy hour.

I did take time to call Ron & Verna, who were with Heinz & Irene, so I had a chance to let them all know that we miss them.

Around 4:00, Jesse & Ginger walked over and the four of us strolled up to the hall for the margaritas. We saw and spoke briefly with Mike & Leslie, then soon returned home.

We talked with our daughter on the phone, then settled down to watch some TV for the evening.

Tomorrow we plan a trip to San Antonio to see old friends.

Life is Good!

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