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Seem to have recovered from effects of altitude. Have been drinking the coca tea.

Our driver today is Philipe. We are headed to the Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo today.

First stop was Puca Pucara (red fortress) an Inca site at the peak of a hill thought to be a military position and administrative center. All of the areas we have been seeing have connections via Inca trails.

We drove through Urubamba Valley to Pisac, the citadel at the entrance to the controlled route connecting the Inca Empire to Paucartambo that borders the jungle. Here are farming terraces with stone walls. The upper section is the Sun Temple and the water ducts cut in the stone.

We had lunch at the Hacienda Alhambra Restaurant where llamas, alpacas and macaws roamed. We tried the local black corn pudding...didn't taste at all like corn but was fruity.

A group of Japanese tourists arrived and I had to laugh when a couple had their photo taken with the grounds keeper. But what made me laugh more was he left and came back dressed in the Native Peruvian costume!

We arrived in Ollantaytambo. The town is built on the foundations of Inca ruins. The streets are stone. It is located at the foot of the Inca ruins which protected the entrance to Urubsmba Valley. We climbed up the 300 meters of steps to the Sun Temple...several rest stops due to the effects of the altitude. Amazing giant boulder construction again. The Inca used giant granite boulders that had to be brought from the mountain on the other side of the river. They accomplished this by damning the river! The complex was never completed as it was not finished prior to the Spanish Conquest.

Our hotel is rustic and located at the train station, the tracks are outside our window!

Rustic as in our door is locked on the outside with a padlock, inside with a deadbolt! No TV but free and very fast WiFi. The floors squeak. Heat is an electric space heater! There is a candle and matches in the room, I assume in case the power goes out. Complimentary bottled water.

Dinner at the Heart. A cafe established by a. British woman to help feed and cloth children and elderly and help woman make reproductive decisions.

The joke of the day was that Verne had a beer and I was having juice and decided to get some water,I said small (675 ml) but because it was less than $1 more for the large bottle (2.5L) we had to get that! I drank one glass and Verne had to carry the bottle back to the hotel!

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