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God sometimes has a strange sense of humor and yesterday we were repaid for all our laughter and comments about the cold snowy days at home. There is really no place to begin this unbelievable tale except at the beginning.

Having some difficulty with my hearing aids, I found an audiology group carrying my brand of aid in an online search. Called and told a very nice lady that I was vacationing in Louisiana and needed someone to check my aids. She asked me to verify my location and said they would gladly see me, if I wanted to drive to Lafayette, Indiana. Whoops!!

Linda made reservations several weeks ago for a campground in Aransas Pass, Texas for one month beginning next week. We were even assigned a specific site. Since the new trailer is a bit larger and needs a larger electric service, we thought it wise to advise the campground of these changes so they could relocate our site if necessary. Linda called and found that there was no problem with our site since the campground has no reservation for us and no sites available. We now have another facility on our short "Never Stay Here" list. After a few calls and a few no vacancy's Lin found what appears to be a better campground in the same area. May actually be for the best. A bit shorter stay with a later start, but that's OK.

In the evening the "best" parade of Mardi Gras was scheduled to start at six when the temperature was in the low 50s. Found our ideal parking spot so we could even watch from the truck if it got cold and walked to a small deli for a nice dinner where we bought a King cake to follow us home. At eight the six o'clock parade had yet to begin and these old people had no interest in getting out of the truck with the temps now approaching freezing. Old bones and joints don't sit well for three hours, even in a warm truck, so we decided to leave.

With some creative selections our GPS took us on a route away from the parade, but treated us to a surprise when it took us back to the parade at the exact spot we had left 20 minutes and 15 miles before. After some even more creative mapping and asking directions we found ourselves back at the camper at 9:30, five hours and thirty minutes after leaving with no parade seen. We could only laugh as we toured Lafayette, Louisiana.

One further surprise awaited us, as we opened the door to a very cold camper. We found two empty propane tanks, but this camper carries a third as a spare. After short work time in far too cold temps, our heat was running and playing catch up.

Best part of the day: King Cake Eating!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now moving to Wednesday morning, I awoke at five to find no water as our water supply is frozen. This time we have water in the tank, so that problem was just the flick of a switch and we have water.

All is well in the Whayland Rolling home, but freezing rain outside probably means "No Mardi Gras Today" and that's OK for us!! May make some Gumbo on this chilly day!

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