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Beautiful use of log cabin and thick thin rotation at Phaeng Mai

Bought this piece off the loom great inlay with gauze at Phaeng...

Carol C showing her beautiful work, Boreth dressing her up

Went on a quick whirl of visits to galleries we knew.

-Went to Kanchana, made an appointment to see their family museum tomorrow morning.

-On to Mulberries to pick up silk skein samples and yardage samples for friends

-Went on to Phaeng Mai to see the sisters and visit my teachers. Campion has had a baby and is back in the Plain of Jars with her family, still weaving for Phaeng Mai. Thom still there weaving. They have added on two large weaving spaces, weaving business is good. Moved the showroom into the ground floor of the home. I was able to photograph two new ways of weaving material, one sorta like log cabin a pickup twist, another with gauze and inlay, really elegant. Going back tomorrow to practice tying my knot for the warp.

Went on to lunch in the French cave, great food. Cambembert mushroom puffs in sauce and onion soup. Who cares if it is raining cats and dogs outside.

Went on to Carol Cassidy's studio. She was in and had time to speak with us. Told me about Sept 13th show in NYC coming up. Showed us her Cambodian work with land mine victims. Working thru economics of this workshop. Able to see many textiles underway for designers for furniture coverings. Saw cool drawings alongside looms that showed weavers how to map out their piece as they wove it.

Back to the hotel and nap, on to computer cafe and dinner.....

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