Anne & Tom's Florida Trip in 2014 travel blog

At Plotkins

A delicious dinner by Gretchen

Anne & Gretchen & Joel

The community where Gretchen & Joel live

The greenhouse/water treatment plant

Fresh greens



Dinner at Cashtown Inn

By a cozy fire

An ancient bar



Robert E Lee ate here

On the way home along the frozen Susquehanna River

An old pump


Dinner at Proietti's while the house warms up

Snow! We are already booking Florida for next year!

From our last stop on the road in North Carolina at a KOA, we headed to Pennsylvania for a relatively short (365 miles) hop to the home of our daughter Audrey's in-laws, the Plotkins in Orrtanna which is just outside of Gettysburg. We were warmly greeted and left the RV in the parking lot of their community, "100 Fold." Gretchen made a wonderful dinner and we enjoyed their company and a warm fire in their wood stove before a good night's sleep in a "real bed."

The next day, we just relaxed and visited their greenhouse where community waste water is processed and where salad greens are grown year-round. Our dinner that night was in the historic Cashtown Inn which is almost within walking distance of their house.

Our trip home of 325 miles skirted along the shores of the frozen Susquehanna River. It was a bright sunny day with none of the snow that had been threatened in the forecasts and we were home by early afternoon. We immediately cranked up the heat from 55 to 70 and unloaded a lot of stuff from the RV. As we had done last year, we made a reservation and had dinner at Proietti's while the house warmed up.

The next day we tried our luck at reserving a campsite at Long Key SP and found that at home we hadn't lost our touch with Anne getting #45! So, it looks like we will be back again next year ready to do it all over! We'll "see" you then!

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