Our incredible site in Show Low, it has a huge patio area..

We are surrounded with trees, I have feeders hanging everywhere...:-)

We already have a lot of birds too...

House and Lesser Goldfinches have found the thistle bags...

Scrub and Steller Jays have found the ground feeders...

We are in bird paradise...:-)

The site reminds us of our favorite one in Mountaindale RV Park...

We love the huge trees on both sides..

View from our window inside..

Last one!

We are finally all set up and have the bird feeding stations ready for the bird buffet. This site is incredible, it totally reminds us of our favorite site in Colorado, Mountaindale RV Resort.

The park has huge sites and the same pinion trees like Mountaindale. We have plenty of tree limbs to hang feeders, all within viewing sight from our windows. It doesn’t get any better than that for bird lovers. :-)

The birds have already found us too, we have Lesser Goldfinches, House Finches, tons of Juncos, White Nuthatches, Scrub and Steller Jays, not bad for one day.

We are also finding a lot of places in the area to explore. We needed a peaceful place like this one to relax for a while before we start the exploring. We have been on the move, moving every three days is NOT how we like to live this RV lifestyle, we like to settle in one place for a month and go exploring in the car. We feel like we found the perfect place, we are very happy campers.

We are also expecting a lot of rain for the next few days, we have not seen rain in quite some time, we are looking forward to it. Check back later for more from Arizona.

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