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Sometimes I just don’t understand how they do it!

I am referring to RV folks who can be ready to leave in a very short amount of time.

It takes me a week or two to get ready for a long cross country trip with the RV.

Now I am not speaking of the morning after an overnight stop.

I am talking about getting ready for the road after staying in one place for some lengthy amount of time.

I began this time with the bikes, wondering where I would put them. I wanted to use the bike rack Bob had loaned us, but we have weird bikes with fat crossbars. Actually “crossbars” is a very loose term for the fat little bars which go part way from the back of the bike to the front of the bike, before another bar intersects with it, and then continues on. These bikes are not made to fit any sort of normal bike rack.

Bob helped me install the bike rack on the back of Marilyn’s car, but when I tried to put bikes on the rack, it was an exercise in futility.

I called around and found one of those adapter bars, spring loaded, and bought two of them. Then, with the help of Heinz, the bikes are properly stowed for travel. So, what should have been a 30 minute chore turned into half of a day of work and frustration.

I installed six new pressure pro tire pressure sensors on the truck tires today. That was fun too, but it is now finished with the proper air pressure in each tire. The car and RV tires are also now set at the proper pressure, as is the air ride system for the RV..

When you look around at your Site after being in one place for awhile you see outdoor furniture, plants, patio carpet, numerous small tables and one large one, a grill and stand for the grill, ladders, hoses, and assorted “stuff”, all needing to be placed neat and orderly into it’s proper place for travel.

Forget about that!

We look a lot like the Beverly Hillbillies going down the road.

The truck leads of course, with the back seat crammed full of stuff. The truck bed carries other stuff, and is followed closely (I hope) by the fifth wheel, which has a neatly stowed step ladder attached to the roof ladder on the back.

Then the car is connected firmly (I hope) to the back of the RV by our trusty Blue Ox Tow Bar System.

You would then notice, attached firmly to the trunk of the car (I hope) the bike rack, with two bicycles hanging from the bike rack.

Our trusty rear view camera, mounted firmly to the rear of the fifth wheel, keeps an eye on things.

I forgot to mention that one of our outdoor lounge chairs is in the back seat of Marilyn’s car, since I failed to find a safe and orderly place for it to ride anywhere else.

This RV life would be a lot more fun if someone else did all the work and all we had to do was jump in the car and drive to our next “home”, walk in and start having fun.

Oh well, tomorrow afternoon will find us in Kerrville, Texas, sitting outdoors in a lounge chair, with a cold drink in our hands, being happy and looking forward to living for a month in a new place with lots of fun and adventure.

Then the process starts all over again.

Life is Good!

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