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Jan sharing her Canadian Folk Songs

Cathedral de La Paz


One of the many statues on the malecom in La Paz








A display in the Regional Museum of Anthropology & History of how...



Produce beautifully displayed in a public market where we finally found Chia...

Hugh trying to talk the little girl out of her lunch

Sunset over Bay of La Paz as viewed from our dinner resturant

An interesting way to serve potatoes stuffed with shrimp.

Parking spot so we could get within walking distance of the resturant....


Cardo'n cactus, which is often confused with its smaller cousin, the Saguaro.

Narrow road from La Paz to Puerto Escondido

Resturant at Bahia Concepcion

A dip in the Sea of Cortez at Bahia Concepcion Beach

Group gathering around Hugh's firepit

Sunrise at Bahai Concepcion over the Sea of Cortez

Mission in San Ignacio

San Ignacio Mission bell tower

San Ignacio plaza


The Gray Whales seemed to like being petted

Making new friends with these magnificent mamals



Old lighthouse at Guerrero Negro

Many ospery thrive here

Tractor hauling 3 trailers, each holding 20 tons of sea salt

People look little beside these mamoth machines

A barge of salt ready for shipment

Here comes the tug to pull the barge out to sea

We spent 2 days and 3 nights in La Paz. It is a large city with over 300,000 in the community. It sits on a large bay on the Sea of Cortez. On the city tour the first day, we visited Cathedral de La Paz, Museo Regional de Antropologia e Historia, Ibarra's Pottery, and the public market. We bought some small nice Mexican Pottery at Ibarras and became more aware of the history of the Baja at the Museum. Day two we walked the Malacom (board walk) that stretched a couple miles along the bay. Along with being a well keep beachfront, there were many statues. On our last night we had a group dinner on the waterfront. It was good.

Next we motored up the coast to Puerto Escondido for one night at the same place where we had stopped on the way down, then on to Bahia Concepcion where we dry camped on the beach for a couple of nights. We could park the trailer so we had a unobstructed view of the sea. We swam in the Sea of Cortez, fished and took a delightful canoe ride along the shore and saw many unique fish. Had dinner in a quaint, seashore restaurant. We then went on north on MWY 1 to San Ignacio, a truly old Mexican village that is a palm oasis. The village sits in the center of a small valley full of date palm trees. Some of our group picked up some dried dates. They were very tasty. The town is built around the large, pleasant plaza surrounded by huge, old trees. On the west end of the plaza is the church San Ignacio that was built entirely of the volcanic rock found in the area.

On north on MHW 1 (Mexico Highway 1) to Guerrero Negro. The road from San Ignacio to Negro Claimed one RV and a tow vehicle. The roads are extremely narrow and one wheel of the tow vehicle slipped off the blacktop that had no shoulder, just a sandy bank, and to keep the motor home from rolling as the car flipped, the driver managed to keep the motor home on the black top but the tow vehicle continued to flip and took the home into a high voltage pole. No one was hurt but the two people inside the home had to stay put till the high voltage wires were deactivated. The outcome is, the driver was held in the local, federal jail for destruction of government property. The inter-city power lines are national & the road that got a big hole in it belongs to ? We are hoping he will be released when proof of insurance is verified and the estimates on the repairs are submitted. In the meantime, the group went on the scheduled whale watching boats where we could get up close to the large mammals. The big mammals would come to the side of the boat to be petted or to rub against the boat. We must of seen over a hundred doing their thing. In the afternoon we visited the salt works. Guerrero Negro is the largest producer of salt in the world. It is said it produces over 5% of the world needs.

Just as we were ready to send this, the horns started to honk in the RV park. Good news! Hugo, the man being held in jail has just been released after spending 48 hours in a dark jail cell with a nonworking toilet. He is in good shape in spite of not eating or drinking due to no toilet to use. He is a very strong man, mentally & is in high spirits. His wife was very willing to give up the center of attention. We are to have dinner all together as a group & it will be a great celebration! (More of the story to come.)

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