we found a good fridge

the old one comes out!

cleaned up the hole, plugged off the LP,

only had to painted the front portion.

the crew gets overspray cleaned up

additional insulation for sides, bottom and top

job done for 20% of new RV fridge

water pump is way back there on the left of basement

old pump came out easy, new one went right in its place.

all done

So much has happened here it"s been fun, interesting and busy... Really, we've changed out the old water pump then when we got comfortable with that, the refrigerator went on the blink. We were expecting it but.... YIKES !

Perfect Storm happened, sure glad it all happened here and not while boondocking !

Dave was awakened at 1:40 a.m. by the beeping of the fridge telling us the cooling unit was bad. So later in the morning, 9 a.m. we were able to empty the fridge to our hosts two fridges without loosing any food. Then, following the recent example of our friends in Rockport we went to Lowes, picked out a "residential" fridge that'll fit our cavity. Luckily, they had a large capacity 14.8 cu.ft. Whirlpool in white only on sale. Since all the other appliances in our home are black, Dave grabbed two cans of appliance black paint. One of the things to consider at this point is how to get the old one out of the coach and the new one inside as the factory usually puts them in while the sides of the coach aren't even constructed. Just so happens, our front door is 28 inches wide with no obstructions and the Whirlpool is 28 inches wide side to side! Yippee ! The old fridge came out relatively easy, With little prep, the black appliance spray paint went on without a hitch, while that dried Dave and Joe got the trim wood cut, painted, drilled and ready for applying for "boxing in" the new fridge. Maria, Joe and Rebecca cleaned up the inside of the new fridge getting rid of the "overspray" that invaded the door and shelves.

Final comment, our new fridge is residential, meaning it won't work on LP, so from now on we'll have to be plugged into shore power or generator for it to work. However, since we haven't been boondocking much lately anyway, and we have a good generator combo, it'll all work well. A new RV type fridge of the same type we had would cost about $3K installed, this way we got a great fridge installed for about $600 ! We now have ice cream and ice for our drinks, neither of which we've had for a couple years now! Dave says, Happy wife, happy life!

As for the water pump that was a very straight forward switch out. Dave started by emptying out the basement in order to get to the pump way back in the far corner and hidden by a false composite wall that need to be taken out. After turning off the water to the coach, turning off the water heater then draining all the lines then it was just a matter of unscrewing the water connections, unscrewing the base, disconnecting the electric wires and reversing all the previous steps. Take care to keep, transfer any special washers for the PEC pipe connections.

Now, we have a quieter water pump operation. Dave says, Happy wife, happy life.

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