Quartzsite is like a huge flea market town...

They have a bit of everything and bargain prices...





Acres of tents ...




They have a lot of food choices too..



Last one, we hope you enjoyed the shopping tour...:-)

This will be out last update from Quartzsite, we will be moving on in the morning. We had a great time shopping in Quartzsite, its like a huge flea market town.

We were able to find all those small replacement items we needed for our RV; bulbs, light covers etc. Jerry bought gloves, fan replacement kits and stuff I don’t have a clue about. He managed to find all the unusual items he was looking for. I went for the jewelry and all the ladies accessories.

He is such a shopper, he was still going strong when I was ready to go home. :-) He dropped me off and went back a couple of times. Now we know why everyone raves about Quartzsite, they do have everything you could possibly want for your RV and more.

We have decided we are not desert people, after spending a month in El Centro with 80 and 90 degree weather, we are ready for cooler days. I am even ready for the snow again. We have spent most of our winters in cold areas and thought it might be a nice change up to spend the winter in the desert, but we both found out neither of us are desert people, give us tall trees, mountains and lakes.

I am adding a few pictures showing some of the shopping areas in Quartzsite and hope you enjoy. Check back later for more from Arizona.

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