Anne & Tom's Florida Trip in 2014 travel blog

Our campsite

Anne loves the hammock

Tom does too!

The rats chewed the wires on our trailing connection

But Tom has the tools and parts to fix it

Judy Quinn, Anne, and Jerry Quinn - we met for dinner

Off on a bike ride

Down to the RR - Henry Flagler's Florida East Coast RR

Long morning shadows

A controlled burn nearby

The RR

This is an old sign

Track sections - almost like you get in a model RR set!

We drove to the Savana preserve


Hiking was limited

Because of the water on the trail


On laundry day, we had a drink at a local pub

Anne got her mojito

A visit to the Chocolate Factory


Denise, the proprietor.

A timely article

Specialty South American beans

Making a treat

A chocolate lovers delight

Home for dinner

Our last stop in Florida is Jonathan Dickinson State Park on the Atlantic coast between Jupiter and Hobe Sound. There are two separate campgrounds in this huge park that was once a military installation during WWII where the relatively new science of radar was being tested and taught.

We stayed in the new section called Pine Grove which was rebuilt after a devastating hurricane cleared the foliage. There are few pine trees on the property where the campsites are and it will be a long time before the existing trees grow back to provide shade. The other section is called the River Campground and is about 4 miles away from where we camped. The nice thing about the Pine Grove area is the full hook-up which is a rarity in a state park.

There were a few tasks on the first day. We had to search out a laundry since the place where the washing machines should have been located were devoid of any such machines. Other campers were not pleased with the lack of laundry machines and a few did the job the old fashioned way and hung the clothes between the conveniently provided poles on lines!

We met up with our new Friends, The Quinns for dinner on our first night and enjoyed their company and a fine meal.

Tom had to repair the chewed electrical lines that connected to the brake/tune signal/emergency flasher system. The rats at Long Key had made a meal of our copper!

Tom rode his folding bike to the River Campground - an 8 mile round trip. Good exercise and very beautiful with bike trails around a number of small lakes or ponds.

We tried to do a hike at the Savana Preserve, but the rain had made the trails very wet with large puddles all over the place. We had our kayaks, but it was getting late in the afternoon, so we just went back to our campsite. BUT before we did that, we stopped in Stuart where we visited the Castronovo Chocolate Factory where we tasted and bought chocolates made from exotic beans from Central and South America countries. Wonderful!

A trip later in the week to Jupiter to do laundry turned out much better than expected and Anne got to imbibe with a Mojito at a local bar.

With only one day left, we packed up our warm weather devices (hammock, beach chairs, etc.) and began the 1,500 mile drive home the next morning which we were planning to do in 4 segments. AND, we began to reserve campsites for next year with limited success.

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