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Bordeaux New Bridge

Posh Tram

French Pisspir

Old City Gate

Heavy rain again early in the morning so packed up & moved off towards France. We didn't actually see any sign of the border itself. We did see a sign saying that the border was 1km away but that was all. I presume that we were in the Basque region & that this region extended into France as we had noticed that a lot of the signs were in two different languages both in Spain & France. This other language uses a lot of Xs, Zs & Ks so must sound really strange.

Well we've turned another corner, so to speak, & are heading North again up the West of France. Our first overnight stop was at a town called Gradignan on the outskirts of Bordeaux where we found an open campsite, so full facilities again & a chance to charge up camera batteries & Viv's laptop. We arrived at lunch time & then popped into Bordeaux for the afternoon. Their transport system is excellent & we first took a bus ride followed by a tram ride to the centre of Bordeaux. A €1.40 ticket gave us travel on both for up to an hour.

We didn't have time to see much of the city but it certainly looks like a lively & interesting place. We did see their fancy news bridge, wandered along the river front & saw a bit of the old city with it's cathedral & city gate. I also got to use a genuine French Pissoir(Urinal) which was planted out in the open on the pavement. Unfortunately the rain, which had stopped at midday returned as evening fell so we took our tram & bus ride back to the camp site.

Mileage to date - 3978

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