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A short trip today so we don't get underway till around 11.

The late start means we tottaly miss any morning traffic going through Mobile, so a nice eash drive.

A very classy visitors center as we enter MS.

They have a sheet of what's going on for Mardi Gras in the area, there is one we may check out.

Campgrounds of the south is a good size campground with flat cement pads for each space. They have wifi but very low band width so of some value but we will still need to use our own hotspot for some things.


We head for the coast the head west towards Long Beach. As we go along US 90 we pass hundreds of concrete slaps where houses used to be. This is right in the area where Katrina hit. There are lots of for sale signs, I am sure you can get a house lot right across the street from the beach cheap but not sure it you would ever be able to buy insurance. We see a few new places either comercial buildings like Burger King or McDs or the storm resistant homes you see along the coast. Built up with no first floor just concrete legs and the building up about 10 feet. We even see a couple of businesses build that way.

We head to Long Beach for thier Mardi Gras parade. It is a very diffrent feel than the parade in Mobile. Police but more small town like, lots of kids and huge collection of charaters. Great people watching.

They have a good parade less bands but more floats than Mobile. While in Mobile they seemed to be big time organized Krews (private marching clubs) in Long Beach it seems anyone that wanted could have a float. Some appeared to be youth groups like scouts others seemed more like church groups with a big mix from old people to very young kids. A lot less organized than the almost military like organization in Mobile. One of the floats dies right in front of the revewing stand it takes them about 15 min to get it started again.

We have a great time and the kids get tons of stuff, 3 stuffed animals, some cups lots of beads including more fancy and diffrent ones than we got in Mobile.

Another great time and great day.


Rain all day a great day for the guys to do school work and for me to do shopping, laundry, cleaning and planning.


We head for the big easy, New Orleans.

We stop at the LA welcome center. It is a very nice center, of course with lots of Mardi Gras decorations. We get a good city map of New Orleans.

We take one of the long bridges across Lake Pontchartrain, it is certainly huge.

I am really not looking forward to driving through the largly one way and in many cases narrow streets. The solution is we go to City Park which is on the edge of the city and at the end of one of the street car lines. We park for free about 100 yds from the street car stop. We buy the all day street car pass and take the street car down through the city and right to the end of Bourbon St.

There are 4 diffrent street car lines and lots of busses the pass is good for all of them, at $3 each it is a pretty good deal. During the day we take 3 of the lines from one end to the other and get a pretty good look at the city. The guys might have gotten almost as good a look if I had driven all over the city but I wouldn't have and there would have been a lot more stress.

In the French Quarter we walk Bourbon St. from Canal down to St Peters then go to Jackson Square. We go in St Louis Cathedral, very nice.

During the day we walk the rest of Bourbon ST, Royal St, the waterfront, the French Market and more. The guys buy some "special Mardi Gras beads" there are lots to chose from, Joe gets big ones and Ray gets some with gator heads. We also have some gator Sausage on a stick, pretty good.

We have a very good day, early evening Bourbon St is starting to look like the Bourbon St. I remember when I was here in my 20's, a good time to head out with my kids, we take the street car back to the car.

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