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Taplow House

Princess chariot


The waiting

signed, sealed

and delivered

Taplow house is an Elizabethan manor built in 1598 just east of Maidenhead on what was thought to be the site of an Anglo Saxon settlement dating back at least 1300 years. A fire in 1660 destroyed the house and the existing Georgian property was built in 1751 and was a private residence until 1958. The grounds of the property have a couple of massive Lebanon Cedar trees planted around 1880 and a couple of Tulip trees reputed to have been planted by Queen Elizabeth I and are the tallest and fattest examples in Europe.

When the sun came out the luminous green lawns really lit up the gardens and house. During the evenings, when the party guests weren’t running about on the lawns it was literally covered with Rabbits. The wedding was like a fairytale and Brett had managed to find the two grey shire horses that opened the London Olympics to carry his princess to the church in a lovely olde worlde carriage.

The church in the tiny hamlet of Taplow was small and intimate and perfect for the gathering of family and friends who managed to attend a truly special occasion.

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