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8 pm

Today was basically a day of rest and “touring”. We were able to sleep in until 7:30 am and then breakfast at 8 am. After breakfast the team loaded on the bus while Melody, Charlie, Humberto and I got into Travis’ truck for the ride to Granada – a former capitol of Nicaragua and somewhat of a tourist destination.


We left Charlie with Debbie and Chuck and went on a 45 minute boat ride amongst some small islands dear the shore of Lake Nicaragua – the largest in Central America. It was almost like being on the Jungle Ride in Disney Land. Each island was probably less than an acre in size and had private homes on them. Some were for sale and I was told that one of the island homes was available for $200 USD per night.


Our destination was Isle de Mono (Monkey Island). Evidently at some time in the past there was a Vet who had some monkeys and when he decided to leave, put them on this small island were they could roam free and have plenty of food – mango’s to eat.

After the ride we had lunch in a really nice outdoor restaurant and then went to the Masaya Market. Melody and I had an escort who helped us find the few items we wanted. It would have been nice to have more time to look around on our own, however having the escort helped us move along and keep on track.


The trip back to the base was uneventful. Dinner was ready almost immediately. After dinner Marvin via Fred told the group about his Ministry with Santa Furia – working with men that are from the streets, gangs, prison etc, helping them turn their lives around. One of his graduates was here along with his wife and 3 children. He said that before he completed the program he didn’t have any money or anything and was living on the streets. Now, he is re-united with his family and lives in an apartment in Managua, paying $100 a month and providing for his family.


Tomorrow is a soccer tournament in the morning followed by meeting with the families for whom the houses were built and giving them their gifts. We’ll return to the tournament for a little bit and then back to the base.


Charlie continues to be the center of attraction. At one place today Melody said that something was said about a movie star. I'm not sure if the person was describing Melody as she had Charlie, or if they were referring to Charlie. The men in the areas we visited were far more intrigued by Charlie than even the kids. They wanted to know what type of dog he was, if he would bite and could they pet him. When told that they were more than welcome to pet them, they mainly wanted to pet his head and ears. After dinner tonight Charlie put on an impromptu show for the men from Santos Furia which they thoroughly enjoyed. But even they, with their various backgrounds were rather timid about petting Charlie and had to be encouraged to do so.

I lost all of my notes from yesterday and will try and recreate it later.

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