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Rebuilding the Provo Tabernacle

What it will look like when it's finished

The crane operator . . . way up there.

They dug down and built stilts under it.

The spires off the original building

They are building underground parking

Provo City Hall

A temple tower

Utah Lake Marina

Lots of recreation on this lake

Thursday was a lay back day. We went for a walk along University Blvd and then thru the Mall that was behind us. In the afternoon we got RV neighbors and to our surprise it was Pat & Bill from Lake Havasu. We met them at Garden Grove Elks when we were hosting in 2011 and we have run across them at Coeur d’Alene and another Elks Lodge. Yes, it is a small world when you are an Elk or a Full-time RVer.

Yesterday was a thunderstorm looking day so before it rained on us we walked over to the food court at the Mall for lunch and took in a matinee. It was opening day for “PLANES”, and like “CARS”, we loved it. A fun animated movie on a dreary day makes it all good.

When we got back in the afternoon, the skies were getting blacker and the wind was picking up. Thank goodness all the RV spaces were full to protect us all from the wind. The storm passed and we went in the lodge for drinks and dinner with Pat & Bill. Later the bartender, Paul & most of our RV neighbors sat outside until 10pm. It was a nice evening after the storm passed.

Today we went to check out the Restoration of the Provo Tabernacle. We have been passing by it for days, curious about the construction and huge crane. There was a table set up manned by helpful young college students that explained how they are restoring it after a fire destroyed all but the outside shell of bricks of the original 1880’s building.

The dug down below the original brick building and shored it up on stilts, then they dug more out around it to construct underground parking. When that is finished they will complete the roof and inside. There was a photo of what it will look like when finished. It is quite a construction project.

There is some more information here at: Visit Provo Tabernacle.

Then we over to see Utah Lake, before having lunch at our favorite “IN-N-Out Burger” near the University. Later we enjoyed visiting with Pat & Bill, and a couple other Provo Elks in the bar.

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