Anne & Tom's Florida Trip in 2014 travel blog

Off from Marathon on a fishing expedition

Ready to go fishing

John has one on the line

A Yellow Tail Snapper

Captain Mike knows where to go

An ice chest full of Snapper and one Bonita


Our catch

I did it!

On Tuesday, Feb 11, Tom got up early and drove to Marathon where the "Best Bet" fishing charter was set to go out into the Atlantic and see if there were any fish to catch.

John (Anne' brother) had set up the charter and there were 2 other guys (Larry & Jim) on board as we headed out to the "spot."

As we approached the designated fishing grounds, the mate lowered the chum bags and began to cover the water behind the slow-moving boat with of all things - oatmeal! This chum brings the fish up from the deep and the tiny hooks with a finger sized piece of shrimp bait lure the fish to our lines and eventually into the ice filled chest!

Our captain (Mike) was on the upper deck and could see the fish and tell us when to close the bail on the reel and "wind like crazy." These were 20 inch Yellow Tail Snapper that fought with vigor and sometimes even broke the 10 lb. line before being landed. We switched to slightly heavier tackle and in about 2 hours caught over 20 of these good-tasting fish. Tom caught 2 of the 4 "flag fish" - a 21 inch prize.

Besides being a wonderful fun expedition, Tom proclaimed that, "My fishing curse has ended." His experience on other such charters had been completely unsuccessful with nary a fish in the cooler!

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