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Mt. Nebo Scenic Buway drive

The Byway starts in Payson, UT also famous for rodeos

We picked up the map at the visitor center

Visitor Center was old school building, Peteetneet School, 1901


There are no fences up here for the cows

We are now at 7,000'

They take over the road

Around every turn of the road, more cows

Uinta National Forest


View of Utah Lake in Provo in the distance

Quaking Aspen fill these mountains

Looks like it's striking a pose for me

Layers of hills and trees

View from 9,000' now

Suddenly . . . colored rock

Story of Mt. Nebo

Mt. Nebo

Larry snapping a few scenic shot

Rugged mountain slopes

Looks like it was glacially carved

Amazing vista



aka - The Devil's Kitchen

Cone Erosion explained

Cone Erosion

Hoodoos explained


Columns explained


Banded weathering explained

Banded weathering

I looked down - by my foot - hi there

Devil's Kitchen from the side

Another Vista

Devil's Kitchen from across the canyon

Oh, NOW they tell us

Strange pine cones on the very top of the tree

Standing their ground

A window is forming

Just camp where ever you want

A green layer

Hoodoos or Cone erosion?

A row of columns & hoodoos

More colors

Starting down the mountain

Layers of erosion

Smooth eroded surface

Beautiful colored layers

Another scenic drive today, up to Mt. Nebo to the south. The Scenic Byway started in Payson, and we stopped to pick up a map at the visitor center which was an old school building from 1901. When it was built at the turn of the century, education in Utah was based on small school systems, so this was quite a commitment to reform, moving away from local autonomous districts.

Mt Nebo Scenic Byway was the opposite of yesterday which was driving mostly in canyons. Today we climbed to over 9,000' and saw some spectacular vistas from the top of Mt. Nebo.

At the beginning of our drive we ran across a couple of cows. After that it just got humorous. Turn after turn we kept running into (almost literally) more and more of them. It wasn't until near the end of the Byway did we finally see a warning sign about the cows.

There were hoodoos and cone erosion rock formations and colored layers in an area they called Devil’s Kitchen. We saw a few RV’s camped out in the open (not in a campground). Besides the pine trees (some with very large pine cones at the top) there were a lot of Quaking Aspens in the mountains.

Again we made it to over 9,000’ elevation, and I don't handle altitudes very well, so since we arrived I have experienced a constant headache. But the views were worth the discomfort of the altitude today and yesterday. This is another recommended day trip.

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