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Let's go to Provo

Crossing the Snake River

Not sure - potatoes or sugar beets

Desert & Mountains

Soy fields

Welcome to Utah

Descending from alpine desert

Pretty horses


Bull Ranch

Salt Lake City temple

Salt Lake City area

Gorgeous Mountains of the Salt Lake City area

Provo Elks RV parking

Looking back at the parking from the lodge with mountains behind

The Elk heads point the way upstairs

Then point the way into the lounge

Lodge pins on their map, Garden Grove Elks already there (Calif w/strawberry)

Vew to the east of mountains from upstairs in the lodge

View to north of Mt. Timpanogos, from upstairs.

We were thinking of going into Colorado next and staying at one of our membership resorts in Gunnison, but watching the weather reports and the national news indicated otherwise. There was a lot of flooding going on in that area, and big storms.

So today we headed south to the Salt Lake area, deciding on the Provo Elks Lodge. The weather was hot and sunny, so very unlike the weather we were watching just a state away. It was an easy drive, mostly interstate after we left the farming community of Rupert. The RV parking for the Elks included Electric, Water & Sewer, so we were all set.

We entered the two story lodge building, noticing that downstairs seemed to be all business and offices around the edges of the foyer. Then we noticed that there were a lot of Elk heads placed around the foyer. Then it dawned on us that the heads were looking to the staircases, so we went upstairs. At the landing there were more Elk heads facing a certain way. Again we followed their gaze to find the bar and dining room. How clever of them.

We paid for our stay, enjoyed a cocktail and chatted with the bartender who gave us lots of ideas for touring in the area, including two scenic drives. Speaking of scenic – oh my – what a view from the windows of the upstairs lounge, not to mention from outside and from our rig. This is a gorgeous valley with such high mountains that seem close enough to touch.

There was a map in the bar where you could place your lodge pin, but we didn't place one because there was already a Garden Grove Elks pin on the map.

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