It's a long way back to the backyard for us.

Its a nice situation for us, great patio, gazebo, friendly company and...

We found it, we found it, aaaah warm temperatures, mild winds. The forecast is for 70's and low 80's for the next week or so. YESSsssssss ! ! ! !

We're parked in the backyard of our friends home in this town near the border of Mexico. Several years ago they installed water and 50 amp hookups for us. A big THANK YOU to them for giving us that benefit.

There are several things we like to do in this area. There are 4 hummingbirds to be found only here and some other "regular" birds found only here also, so we expect to add a few birds to our birdwatching life-list. The town of Bisbee is one of our favorite places to visit and so is Tombstone. In addition, Dave needs to change out that old fashioned, noisy water pump with the new quiet powerful one,

Everything else is open and up for grabs.

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