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Off to Rupert today

Goodbye to the mountains of Hailey

Down to the desert

Past the lava flows

Turning east thru Shoshone

I think this is a potato crop

Definitely cows

Rupert Elks Lodge

Our camp spot on the golf course

Nice little park and docks along the Snake River

Gazing up the Snake River

What a potato plant looks like

Potato crop

Sugar Beets on display at the County Fair

Sugar Beet crop

4-H Turkey display

These little piggies are napping

There was a lot of these type of goats

This guy was enormous

Beautiful French Angora bunny

Antique farm equipment on display

Antique Ann Arbor Baler

Make more bales, says this old advertisement

Ann Arbor Hay Press

Sugar Beet Processing Plant in Rupert

We left Hailey yesterday, assured that Marc was walking well, approved for driving, doing his PT and could even go up and down his stairs to the 2nd floor bedrooms. Several years ago we had stopped at Rupert Elks Lodge for an overnighter, so we headed southeast to pay them a visit. It was less than a two hour drive, and we were the only RV parked on their lovely grassy area, by the golf course. When we went inside to pay for our stay, they actually remembered us.

Today we went to the County Fair in Rupert, it was very small with just one exhibit hall with collections and the 4-H Food Contests. There was also a display of 4-H animals, cute bunnies, lots of goats and pigs. The big thing for this County Fair is really the rodeo which was in the evening, so we missed it.

We did learn that not only is Idaho famous for their potatoes but sugar beets. Sugar Beets have big green leaves and potatoes have small leaves, so now we can tell what is growing in the fields as we drive past. Sugar Beets have a more consistent price at market where potatoes can fluctuate season to season.

While visiting with the members in the lodge, the bartender noticed that I was rubbing my neck & shoulder (had a bad headache too), so she came around behind me and gave me a great massage. What a combo, great drinks and great hands. I slept really well after that.

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