our site in Del Rio

view out our window to the lake and countryside

more view out our window

We fed some friends

They liked all the sunflower seeds and peanuts we could give them.

The drive along U.S. 90

one of many road cuts

We arrived early in the afternoon on a warm breezy day. The short drive from Hondo was great, we like the scenery and U.S. Hwy 90 is always good to us providing little traffic. That being said, the next day it became cold and very windy. Though Dave went fishing he was miserable. Multiple things made us to decide to leave earlier than our planned time, those are: cold, wind, no TV (Olympics coming) fishing bad. Instead of sittin and sufferin we decided to chase the warm weather and head west early.

On the 6th, we departed by noon and made the long drive up on U.S. Hwy 90 to Van Horn, TX on I-10. We were hit with headwinds that brought our fuel mileage way down to 8.9 MPG from our usual 11.0 MPG. But that was a small price to pay for finding warm weather. What with all the unprecedented coldness and snowfall up north and the several "Arctic Blasts" down here in TX, we believe in the power of the wheel. Just pull in the sides and get them wheels a spinnin! ! ! At one stop for fuel it was 22 degrees and there were big ice chucks deposited there by 18 wheelers and the ice was not melting! ! ! We had to ponder what was up ahead, asking around the other drivers we found out we were indeed heading in the "right" direction. Along the way Dave called ahead to a little RV park found on the "Allstays and RV" iPhone app. Technology is great when it works...The nice people at the Desert Willow park in Van Horn said they'd save a space for us.

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