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Staples come out today

Marc used to be very bow legged - now straight legs.

Scarlet watching over - well, sleeping with - Marc

Shoshone, on the way to Twin Falls

Very quaint old town

Snake River at Twin Falls, ID

More basalt lava along the way

I love it, my two men in the kitchen fixing breakfast

A little thief going after the bird seed

Finally after 2 yrs, I got him to fix his windshield

A storm is brewing tonight

We settled into domestic life at Marc’s house, doing chores that he can’t do yet. I’m being a nagging big sister and making sure he is doing his exercises and taking his meds properly. During his first week after the surgery, he was not managing his pain meds properly. He thought he could just take them when he felt pain, WRONG, take as the doctor instructed – before the pain starts.

He is doing really well and we keep him supplied with fresh ice bags all day long. The more the ice the faster the swelling goes down, and it helps with pain management.

I am busy feeding & tidying up after his 3 Collies and a Border Collie-mix dog, fixing meals, doing his and our laundry. We have been taking him out for lunch outings and grocery shopping. We made a trip down to Twin Falls to Costco, his favorite store, an hour’s drive south. A few of his friends have stopped by to see how he’s doing, and they are quite entertaining.

All of the dogs follow him everywhere and get in the way simply by their size, but they love him and have to be in close contact. The Border Collie, Scarlet, even lays on the bed next to him as often as she can, like she is protecting him.

We drove Marc around in our car because his truck and Jeep were too high and difficult to climb into. I took him to the doctor when it was time to remove the staples, 26 in the right knee and 17 in the left. I also went with him when he started his Physical Therapy so I could hear what the PT would say after his evaluation. From this eval appointment we could decide how much longer we are needed. If he is able to get around and function on his own without stressing his knees, we could leave soon. He is doing great and ahead of schedule, what a trooper.

My brother is such a hard worker and meticulous craftsman but he is also a large procrastinator. I cleaned up his truck cab (I’m a clean freak and he’s not) because he is now able to get in his truck and I was NOT going to ride in that dirty work truck. I also got him to call a windshield repair company to replace his windshield that has been seriously cracked (several long cracks) for over two years. It did not cost him a dime, insurance covered it, plus they gave him a coupon for a free large pizza at the local pizza shop and a $20 gift card for calling them. What a deal, he made out on that one.

Tonight we had a storm brewing with dark thunder clouds and winds, so we stayed in watching movies from his large DVD collection.

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