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Female Jackson's Chamelon - she can have 10 to 50 live babies...

Male Jackson's Chamelon - native of Africa - released by exotic pet...

Koi Pond - fish thought they were going to get fed and...

Black Stem Bamboo from China

Dragon Tree from the Canary Islands

Sword Fern from Kupukupu

Doves, part of the pigeon family - you could hear them coo-ing...

Another type of bird in the aviary

Love Birds - from Africa, part of the parrot family

Bamboo Orchid (not in orchid family)

Orange Ginger - Pacific Islands

Blue Ginger - Brazil


Crown of Thorns - Madagascar

Red Bottle Bush - Australia

Meyer Asparagus Fern

Powder Puff - Bolivia

Close Up of Powder Puff

Carved Statues decorating garden

I have been a slug for the past several days. I laid around and read (finished the new Amy Tan book but wasn't impressed - story was very similar to Memoirs of a Geshia and not nearly as well written) and I watched the Olympics some and a couple old movies

I did get together a package to mail out/wrote postcards and got to the post office on Saturday and I did go for a walk on the beach right before sundown.

On Saturday I also began the book Gone Girl. It was un-put-down-able! I read until midnight on Saturday. Started in on it again after going out to breakfast on Sunday and then finished it Sunday afternoon. It is a mystery/thriller that revolves around a tense marriage. It is very dark. Obvious it is a very fast read. When I finished it I went to a pizza place and ended up bringing home dinner for the next couple nights, too.

I'll upload Divergent tonight so I can have it read by the March bookclub meeting at the Starliner Diner - YEA! Great pick!

Sunday afternoon it started raining. I have a roofed front porch so I enjoyed setting out therewith my feet up reading and watching it rain. It rained off and on all night.

I decided I needed to do SOMETHING today (Monday) and the weather report was for scattered showers, wind and mostly cloudy so I chose to go away from the beach today and headed into "upcountry". I had already been to one town in that area, Makawao, on the Road Scholar tour. It serves the cattle ranches in that area so it is reminiscent of a western town but also has several art galleries. Very eclectic. I liked it so I wanted to see what else is in that area.

My first stop was the Kula Botanical Gardens. Kula is an area not a city/village/town. The Kula Highway breaks off of the Haleakala Highway and both become just two lane roads. The Haleakala Highway climbs up to the volcano (about 10,000') and the Kula Highway runs on a ridge part of the way around the volcano at an elevation of between 2000' and 4000'. The Garden is at 3300'. It has a Chameleon exhibit, an aviary, a koi pond, a small bird preserve, carved tiki art, waterfalls and plants and trees from all over the world.

Info on the Johnson's Chameleon: They are native to Africa. They were introduced to Maui in 1972 when an exotic animal store owner set several loose in his backyard. The male has 3 horns, the female none. They have eyes that can look in two directions at once and the brain can keep track of the images separately. They can change colors from bright green to black. The female has 10 to 50 live babies. They can live 10 years. The Gardens keep a male and female in a cage but I saw at least 4 today in the "wild". I was told most of them are relatively tame and they are fine with being picked up.

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