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Margaritas on the beach at Los Barilles.

What is a campfire without somemores?

Long time friends, Hugh Kyle & Maureen Portello.

View from beachfront road on way to Punta Pescadero Beach Resort



Another beautiful beach on the Sea of Cortez


The Punta Pescadero Beach Resort








Early morning walk as the sun rose over the Sea of Cortez


The fartherest north where the sun rises straight overhead

Globe & visitors' center at the line of the Tropic of Cancer

We are in Cabo San Lucas. This is as far south as you can go on the Baja Peninsula. To go farther south we would have go by boat and if we went straight south the first land we would come to would be Antarctica, so guess we will just head home next. We had a nice time in Los Barilles. We were not right on the beach but close enough to see the water. It was fun walking down to the beach and watching kite boarders and windsurfers. It makes one want to be at least 30 years younger but, then we would have to be working.

Maureen, a friend from Boise, was spending 10 days there at her son's house, and what a house it is. We have known her for a long time, as she was part of the "Singles group" that we went to. We picked her up the next morning so she could take us to breakfast at one of the nice hotels that overlooks the water and we had a good "South of the Border" breakfast. She then took us on a trip up the coast to Punta Pescadero Paradise Resort on a dirt road that hugged the blue, Sea of Cortez. We made it to the front gate of the resort & as we got out of the truck, found we had a flat tire. As the women sat on the beautiful veranda overlooking the Sea of Cortez enjoying the view, Hugh, with the help of one of the maintenance men, changed the tire. The resort was beautiful on a point jutting out into the Sea of Cortez and we couldn't believe we seemed to have it all to ourselves. The trip back was as inspiring as the trip up and we had an enjoyable time visiting with our friend Maureen. We have also been enjoying getting up before sunrise to walk the beach. The Sea of Cortez is calm with just small waves lapping the shore. As we walk down the shore, slowly the eastern sky starts to lighten & then the sun pokes its head above the horizon and another beautiful day is here.

Here in Cabo San Lucas it is all most like being home as just across the highway from the RV park is Home Depot, down the street is Costco, and then Wal-Mart, all with most of the products we are use to at about the same cost. Cabo is a huge beach resort with a lot of nice hotels on the water and hills overlooking the water, many restaurants, and all the activates you would expect in a sun - surfing, golfing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, and fishing for marlin, sword and many others. Of course the main attraction is the weather with sun and temperatures in the 70ties. Cobo is a big town of 70,000 + with San Juan Jose Cabo 15 miles to the east, slightly bigger. Here was is not old Mexico but in the center of a fast growing resort area. We prefer Old Mexico.

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