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Dubois WY to Hailey ID

We are at 9,500'

We are IN the Rockies

Absaroka Range

Teton National Forest

Descending the Rockies, we have a view of the Tetons

Layers of elevation in a single view

Passing by the north end of Teton Nat'l Park

The Teton Mountains

Panoramic of the Tetons

Buffalo roaming

Sharp Peaks


Close up of the Glacier

Jackson Hole Ski Runs

The Snake River

Farm nestled in the valley

Crossing the Teton Pass

This is an easier trip than last year

Welcome to Idaho

Descending into the valley

Winding down along the Snake River

What a cool surprise - moose!

Cute little farm house

Snake River

Watering the potatoes

Potato field

Three buttes

Atomic Energy

Mmmm - getting hungry

Tall mountains and cattle

Atomic Sub conning tower at the park

We ate at Pickle's Place, not bad

Another National Monument that we have seen

Lava flow on both sides of the highway

Not just black basalt, other colors of lava

Almost there

Our home for the next two weeks

Today’s drive was along the Tetons with spectacular views of the glacier topped range, and through meadows filled with Bison, through Jackson Hole with its ski slopes and along the Snake River, and down out of the mountains of WY.

After Idaho Falls we were traveling Byways with beautiful scenery, including a moose or two. Then the scenery then became desert and lava fields, as we passed Craters of the Moon National Monument.

We passed the Three Buttes of Idaho: Rising above this level plain of lava flows and windblown soils, these high landmarks are recent additions to Idaho’s landscape.

East butte (farthest east) flowed up and cooled quickly about 600,000 years ago, while Big Southern Butte (south of here) emerged about 300,000 years ago. Although East Butte and Middle Butte have a similar appearance, they were formed in different ways. A dome of melted rock called rhyolite that rose up through a volcanic fissure became East Butte. Middle Butte, however, is a block of hard lava (basalt) pushed up by volcanic activity from below.

We stopped for lunch at Pickles Place in the city of Arco, famous for being first in Atomic Power. When we got to Marc’s house, we moved his vehicles around and backed our trailer along the side of his house onto his RV pad. His neighbor had moved his travel trailer across the street on his property. We had sewer, water and 50 amp electric. Nice camp spot, and best of all, free.

Larry went to the Dodge dealer to order a part, and after dinner we settled in to watch “Zero Dark Thirty”. Wow, what a movie. We are here for a couple weeks to help out while Marc is recovering from his bilateral knee replacement. His wife is working out of town and could only take two weeks off to be with him, so it is our turn now to be his in home nurse care/housekeepers/cooks/chauffeurs.

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