Coushaine USA Tour 2013-15 travel blog

Heidi & Richard Hill - Pres. RV Trip Wizard

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort

Camper in nice cement site with picnic table!

Beautiful pool - notice our camper far right outside fence

WWII beach where practice for D-Day & Normandy landing

Carrabelle Beach - notice no high rise resorts...

Carrabelle WWII Museum

Authentic Nazi flag from Germany

Carrabelle Bottle House, Arch & Lighthouse - made of bottles!

Carrabelle Police Station - smallest in the World!

Carrabelle 'Crooked River' Lighthouse

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort - aerial 1

Carrabelle Beach RV Resort - aerial 2

Hello Everyone,

As we travel toward New Orleans & Mardi Gras, we have now turned due West over the Gulf of Mexico and landed at Carrabelle Beach, FL.

On our way here, we stopped to visit Heidi & Richard Hill. Richard is the Present of RV Trip Wizard which is the online campground mapping software we are using to plan our trip across the country. We were treated to a fantastic lunch and wonderful conversation!

To view this online mapping program, go to the following link:

After lunch, we headed west toward Carrabelle Beach, and got within 40 miles when the truck started sputtering and spitting such that we had to slow down to about 40 mph until we could stop. We contact Good Sam Roadside Assistant, but it was going to take hours for someone to get to us to 'have a look'. So, I decided to put some diesel additive into the gas tank, and drain the fuel bowl of any water/contaminants. I did this because we had just filled up at a small gas station and I suspected bad diesel. Well, the truck started to run normal, and we finished our trip to Carrabelle Beach RV Resort to arrive just as the sun was setting!

While at the campground, we discovered that Carrabelle Beach, right across the street, was very famous during WWII. This was the beach that the military used to train for D-Day an the amphibious landing at Normandy beach!

To see a HD video of the campground and the famous beach, click on the following link:

We then took several rides on the scooter to see all the local sights, like the WWII Museum, the Carrabelle Police Station (smallest in the World), the Bottle House and the Crooked River Lighthouse! Take a look at the pictures and enjoy!

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