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Playa Tecolote (beach)

Playa Tecolote

Early morning walk

A walk on the Beach

A warm day for a walk





Eric, our Tail Gunner, cooking fish caught by one of the guys

Bill, our Wagon Master serving up his special margaritas

Our Green Angles who look out for us.

This is not like Colorado

Joining the fun






Sunrise at Los Barilles


Just a little cabin on the beach :-)

Turtle eggs, nesting area behind fence on beach

The trip from Escondido to Playa Tecolote was a long (236 mi) desolate, flat road with few villages with nothing to see except dry desert. Keeping track of the rigs in front and in back, relieves some of the boredom and then listening to books on tapes, also helps. We spent two nights dry camping on a long lovely beach - Playa Tecolote, The beach is about 20 miles Northeast of La Paz. It was warm, the sun was shining. and it was enjoyable. The wind blew most of the time but not hard enough to make it uncomfortable. While we were at Escondido some of the men went fishing and one caught a large (45 lb) tuna. The first night we got to Tecolote we had a beach potluck with barbequed tuna so fresh & so good. In most of the RV parks we stay in, we are packed in tight. At the beach we had a lot of room and could spread out. We liked our time there and wished we could have stayed longer.

Sunday we moved on down the peninsula to Los Barilles. It was a short drive (68mi) through rolling hills. Loreto was a tourist town, Los Barilles is a beach town with 1/3 hippie, 1/3 winter, home owners, and 1/3 Mexican. The hippies in their cut-off jeans and cut-up jeeps with wind surfing wings hanging out, nice homes with high walls and immaculate landscaping, and the natives with rusted out fords and chevies, trying to take care of everyone. The good is, we are not in the cold. The bad is we are not on the beach. It is fun to walk down to the beach and watch the wind surfers, and the kite surfers (or whatever they are called) going this way and that on the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez.

A few of us went to dinner at Tio Pabo, a restaurant immortalized in Dan Sullivan's book "Traveling With Amy". We had the special of the evening - the Mexican Platter. It was good, but unlike Dan, we are not experts on margaritas.

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