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I am reliably informed, by my wife, that Port is not a Sherry as such, so what I said yesterday about sherry casks & sherry houses etc was wrong so if anyone noticed please accept my apologies. I just assumed that port was a sherry that was called port because it was produced in Porto.

Still very windy & raining & according to the local TV there is a lot of serious flooding around the low areas of Portugal. Sounds just like the reports we are hearing of the flooding in the UK. We just did a short hop of 20 miles up the coast to the North of Porto to a small fishing village. It rained all morning again after another late start as we waited to see if the rain would ease up.

One feature of driving in Portugal is that most towns have speed control lights just inside the town speed limit signs. If they detect that you are going above the limit as you approach them then they turn red & you have to stop. This also stops any traffic coming up behind so they know you have exceeded the limit & it is a bit embarrassing to you & annoying to them. It certainly seems to work well & I would like to see if it would work in the UK. It certainly makes you aware of your speed.

The other thing that we have noticed in Portugal is that when you hear the Portugese people speaking they sound nothing like the Spanish. Their spoken language sounds very much like a cross between Russian & Dutch to us.

Anyway the village of Vila Cha where we stayed the night turned out to be a gem. We spent the afternoon exploring the beach area & walking along the boardwalk, where it wasn't damaged by the recent storms, to the South of the town. As usual we were looking for geocaches as there were four within a couple of miles but in doing so we came across a lovely little church up on the cliffs & discovered that there was a unique geological fault at this location.

The fishermen in the town launch their colourful boats from off the beach & they even have their own little lifeboat station. However I don't se them being able to launch at the moment as the wind is still quite strong & the sea is very rough plus there are some nasty looking rocks just offshore. The locals were busy clearing sand from in front of the storage sheds so they have obviously been having some problems with the weather conditions lately.

We did get a very nice fish supper in the restaurant just outside the camp in the evening. A big dish of cod with onions & scollop potatoes.

Mileage to date - 3028

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