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It sure was nice to be able to sleep with the windows open last night.

It was still 60 degrees outdoors when we awoke this morning, so we sat outdoors under the awning, to share our morning coffee.

Another awesome day was in store for us here in the RGV, so we got busy.

Marilyn cleaned, did laundry, then sat outdoors with her book.

I drove to Lowes, and purchased a new tool for the tool box, so I can return the one I borrowed from Bob.

I also made a deposit for new Levolor Shades for the bedroom.

We should have replaced the old style Day/Night shades in the bedroom when we replaced all the others in the RV two years ago.

Alas, we didn’t do it then, so now we are trying to get it done before we leave here on March 1st.

We expect a call from the installer soon, so that he can measure for the two new shades.

I then stopped at Walmart to put fuel in Marilyn’s car. Before continuing on to the Ford dealer in Weslaco.

To my great joy, the parts are all there to have her car fixed and they asked me to bring it in on Wednesday morning.

Back at the RV, Marilyn was still enjoying her book, in the shade of the awning, so I walked across the street to visit with Heinz & Irene.

They were getting a new air conditioner today, all under warranty.

Just in time because, after tomorrow and Wednesday, which are supposed to be cool, our temps will be back in the A/C range.

We have lots of plans for this week and next week.

The owner of the resort here is hosting a picnic for all residents, with beer, soda, hamburgers and hot dogs, plus the side dishes, late this afternoon.

We will take our lawn chairs to the golf course around 3:30, and set them up for the festivities.

We received all of our mail today, including the tax info, so now we can file our Federal Taxes. Also received our new license and registration for the RV, Truck and the Car.

Well, time to go. I’ll get this posted later, after the party and picnic.


The resort wide Happy Hour was really fun and well attended.

Any time you get free hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, beer, wine, and soda, you can bet that the RV group will show up. Add in free, live music, perfect weather, and the perfect place for the group to gather, like at the Golf Course, and you have a sure hit on your hands.

Of course, the most important part is the word “FREE”.

Life is Good!

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