Talk about a big screen, this one was HUGE..:-)

People watching from all over the decks...



It was so much fun hearing all the screaming..





Last one!

We had a very full and fun day at sea. After we shopped till we dropped in Ensenada, we had the largest super bowl party we have ever attended. They have a huge movie screen on deck 14 where they showed the game. People were in the pool swimming while watching, some were in the Jacuzzi, others were all over the two viewing decks watching in lawn chairs.

Jerry and I watched the first half, then the wind picked up and we went inside. They had the best super bowl party we have ever been to. They served chicken wings, BBQ, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, chips covered with cheese plus cookies and all kinds of desserts.

The waiters came to us every few minutes asking would we like something else. We are going to be two very spoiled people by the time this cruise is over. :-)

We had a wonderful day, I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. Check back later for more from our cruise to Mexico.

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