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Man, what a great day! It has been a rough winter, even here, but sure nicer than up north.

I think southern Florida has been the only place where winter has rarely shown its face this year.

It is nice to see the sunshine and normal temperature return though.

We had a fine trip across the border today, visiting Mexico.

Enjoyed good food, live music, and casual shopping.

Picked up some meds and vanilla while we were there. Nearly have all we need for our friends and family back in Missouri.

We were back at Llano Grande in time for a Happy Hour at Ron & Verna’s.

Heinz & Irene brought some good Mexican food as did Ron & Verna. We took a pitcher of margaritas to share and enjoy with the gang.

We sure enjoyed the day and our time with good friends. We have some plans for tomorrow as well.

Friends, Mike & Sandy will be here on Saturday and that may start the cycle of fun in Mexico and Padre Island all over again.

It seems that our “get-togethers” are all about having fun or planning to have fun, usually both at the same time.

Once Mike & Sandy arrive, we hope to have the entire group of friends from Mission, join us for a giant get-together here at Llano Grande.

So another fine day drifts to a close, and we look forward to tomorrow.

Life is Good!

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